Nick Brophy

About Nick Brophy:

Nick Brophy is accomplished at virtually all aspects of creating music. Not only is he adept at writing many different genres of music but also works as one of the leading ProTools based Producers. He has been writer, engineer, producer, mixer and programmer for many different artists.

He is a multi instrumentalist (guitar, keyboards, bass) who melds his skills of "radio friendly tunecrafting" with his solid production expertise. Nick's love of music stems from the Beatles and considers his specialties "melodys, hooks and harmonies".

Nick is an Edison award winner (Holland's eq. to Grammy) for his work with the Riverdogs (Epic). He was bass player and co-founder of this L.A. based rock band. Nick's engineering work has achieved platinum status on Everclear's "Sparkle And Fade" (Capitol) and has garnered a Grammy award for country music's "Tribute To Tradition".

Since being signed to EMI in 1998, he has written with artists all over the world. He wrote EMI artist Trine Rein's single "Stars And Angels", Lionheart artist Jill Johnson's single "Live For Today", Columbia artist Tim James' "In Walks You" and Sony artist Andrew DeSilva's singles "Quiet Battles" and "Everytime I Fall". Nick also wrote and produced 10 songs for Warner artist Mishelle Bradford- Jones who currently has the single "Brave" charting in Australia. International star Coco Lee also recorded "Brave" for her album "You and Me".

In addition, Nick is very active in film and television. He wrote the theme for the T.V. series "Wasteland" (ABC), his song "Life Is What You Make It" appears on the Wedding Planner soundtrack and composed the theme for Eddie Murphy's movie "Pluto Nash" which appeared in the theatrical trailers. Most recently Nick's song "Reality Girl" is in an episode of TV's "Maybe It's Me".

His recent projects include recording new songs with the Rolling Stones for their "40 Licks" album, completing work on the new Hootie & the Blowfish album, and Carly Simon's christmas album.

Nick has recently completed co-producing and mixing the Phil Vassar album "Shaken Not Stirred" and producing and mixing "The Mamasitas".


Phil Vassar
2 songs "Greatest Hits" Target Stores Exclusive (RCA)

Alana Grace
"Black Roses Red" Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sony)

Hootie & the Blowfish
Looking For Lucky (Sneaky Long/Vanguard)

Alana Grace
"The Other Side" Break The Silence (Columbia)

Phil Vassar
Shaken Not Stirred (Arista)

1 song 'World Gone Mad' (Melodic, Vol.2)

Mooney Suzuki
Alive & Amplified (Epic)

Hundred Reasons
Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge (Sony UK)

Revolution Smile
Above The Noise (Flawless/Geffen)

Rusty Truck
2 Tracks on "Broken Promises" (Coda Terra Ent.)

Carly Simon
Christmas Is Almost Here (Rhino)

Rolling Stones
"Losing My Touch","Stealing My Heart","Don't Stop",
"Keys To Your Love" on 40 Licks Box Set (Virgin)

Avril Lavigne
Let Go (Arista)

Hootie & the Blowfish
Hootie & the Blowfish (Atlantic)

Version 2.0 B-Sides (Almo Sounds)

Five Way Friday
Wrecked (Red Eye)

Patrick Davis
Chances Are (Red Eye)

Jamai Loman
Dutch "IDOL" Winner 2003-1 Track (BMG)

Various Artists
Handpicked Vol. 2 (Handpicked)

Magni Fi
Burn Out The Stars (Gold Circle Ent.)

Off By One
Off By One (LMC Records)

Brooklyn Run
Brooklyn Run (LMC Records)

Wedding Planner S/T
1 Track Motion Picture Soundtrack (Hollywood)

Coco Lee
You And Me-1 Track (Sony)

Jill Johnson
Daughter Of Eve-1 Track (Lionheart)

Andrew DeSilva
2 Tracks (Sony)

One In A Million-1 Track (Capitol)

Tim James
Tim James-1 Track (Columbia)

Mishelle Bradford-Jones
Dragonfly (Warner Bros Int.)

*Maybe It's Me
1 Track (Warner Bros Television)

Opening Theme Song (ABC)

**Falling Sky
Title And End Credits Songs

**Pluto Nash
Orig. Movie Trailer Theme Song (WB Pictures)

Gordon-1 Track (American)

Trine Rein
To Find The Truth-1 Track (EMI Medley)

Miss Jones
...The Other Woman-1 Track (Motown)

Various Artists
Tribute To Tradition-1 Track (Columbia)

U.S. Songs (Revelation)

Sparkle & Fade (Capitol)
So Much For The Afterglow (Capitol)

Vanessa Williams
Next-1 Track (Mercury)

3's A Charm (Interscope)

1 Track Motion Picture Soundtrack (Warner Bros)

Borrowers (Capitol)

Shaquille O'Neal
You Can't Stop The Reign-1 Track (Interscope)

Gerry Goffin
Back Room Blood (Adelphi)

Various Artists
Sharks Patrol These Waters (BOV)

Body & Mind-1 Track (Giant)

TV, Church And Bars-1 Track (Indivision)

Yve & Adam
Fiction (Atlantic)

Rob Lamothe
Steering With My Knee (Independent)
I Am Here Now (ADMM)

Bone (Dream Circle)
Absolutely Live (Indivision)
Riverdogs (Epic)

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